Photographs and images shape our world and affect our place in it. Think back to the last time you saw a photograph that transported you to a better time and a better place. Seldom does someone come along whose vision aligns with yours and has the ability to capture that vision and take you there.

David Budinski has always been involved in the arts. While growing up in Rochester New York, his artistic side helped form his career. Once receiving a degree in Music from at Nazareth College, he spent many years refining, teaching and sharing his artistic talents. While working with a national publishing company, his passion for photography intensified. David was able to spend extensive time traveling through the west and he was able to see, feel and photograph the wonderful western landscape. Very few of his collections are from our National Parks or well known locations. Scenes from these areas “The Grand Landscapes” have been filmed countless times before by numerous artists and David endeavored to go where others had not. If it has been filmed frequently, he passes. Except for a few scenic points along our highways, the natural world does not advertise its countless wonders. David shoots “the everyday” from a unique point of view. He is able to find beauty right under our noses that many of us miss. He will frequently get into his car and look and shoot, hence, “Scenes From The Side Of The Road”.

David uses a medium format camera with four Carl Zeiss fixed lenses. A pocket full of filters and that’s it. None of the collections have been manipulated in Photoshop using HDR so you can experience what the camera and your eye actually sees. With today’s abundant digital altering techniques, David relies on adjusting contrast or a certain color. David’s most prized achievement comes when someone else is transported back to where the picture was taken. Enjoy!